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For you traditionalist musicians', I am the great WHITE Mexican!
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Latin - General Latin
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Dennis Sanchez
April 29, 2006
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Story behind the song
This song is about hangin' with a girl who lived in Hollywood....
I'll find us a table Spend some time play some games Your staring at the walls Waste your time waste my change What could all your friends know? Buying time with your games Are you ready now to go I'm glad you cared for me Spent some time learned my name Your bed had space for me Why waste time with your games? I cant make myself go Feel so tired feel so lame I'm ready now I'll go Your plans wont help you if they're mixed around They're only helping keep you tied down I might be someone who's lived in your town Break me to build you the game of your town I'll find my way out Past the words down the stairs This kids been around Had the words lost the cares I've learned to eat whats on my plate Take my time feel no shame Just wanted you to know Change can help you don't put it down Your friends won't forget you if you're not around I won't stand against you or put you down Break me or build me don't put us down
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