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Beautiful (#1)
Turn away your eyes from me, for they overwhelm me ... -- Song of Solomon 6:5 (ESV). See also Psalm 27:4.
Blues - Country Blues
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KB Chan
1994 KB Chan
June 26, 2006
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Story behind the song
In one of my worship sessions when I was one to one with Him, the Lord revealed to me His intense love. As I stared and adored Him, I saw His beautiful eyes, it was a beauty indescribable, beyond compare. He is so beautiful, I was so overwelmed by His love, I called out loudly 'Turn Your eyes from me for they have overcome me.' Through this experience I have savoured the intense love of the Lord. I wrote this song out of my longing and hunger for Him. Bless the Lord.
One thing have I desired of You Lord That I will seek Your face That I may dwell in Your house All the days of my life And behold the beauty of You Lord I am my beloved and my beloved is mine He feeds among the lilies For you are beautiful O my love divine Turn Your eyes from me For they have overcome me You are beautiful, measureless, Beauty beyond compare Loveliness at the highest No words can declare Glorious, wonderful, absolute delight Beautiful infinitely beautiful O Lord.
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