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Spareboard Blues (The Double Out)
What's it like to work for the railroad,you ask?
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Blues - Blues Rock
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Buck Naked/Luke Warmwater
2005 lawsuitmusic.
January 02, 2007
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Story behind the song
A tweeeeked out version of an original ,originally written by the Honkey Tonk Honkys From Hell.Tweeeked out by me,unbeknownst to my partner,Healin' Buck Naked.So mum's the word,capiche?
Well I woke up this morning new day begin I wanna blow my groceries and my head's in a spin I've been drinking all night but it started the night before And now the Black Twirlies have come a-knocking on the door. Well I'm supposed to work at 8 and it's almost quarter to I got some beautiful thing beside me don't know what I'm gonna do Grant called me for work a couple hours ago He said,"792 ?" I said," I don't think so". They said this job was easy They said I could not lose But they forgot to tell me 'bout the Spareboard Blues. Well it's a holiday weekend and I'm first out But the enginemen are praying for a birdie or a trout If I go out carouzing you can bet I'll get called right away Or I can hang around at home by the phone attracting dust and turning grey. So I'm waiting for my call and my ass is getting numb The spareboard's full of C-men but it never seem to come Because the A-men run around us,the B-men pass us by Thank God I'm not a D-man or I'd be waiting 'til I die They said this job was easy They said I could not lose But no one never told me nothing 'bout the Spareboard Blues. I guess the bottom line is braking really ain't that bad It's by far the best employment that I've ever had I get to listen to those whistle's whistle and I get to hear those bells ring It sure beats making Double Bacon Cheddar Whoppers at your local Burger King. Just the conductor's always bitching and the hogheads they complain So I just keep my mouth shut and P.K. both sides of that train Someday soon I'll be a conductor or a hoghead probably Then I can nag to some new brakeman how I'd run this company They said this job was easy They said I could not lose But I'm finding out fast about the Spareboard Blues. And so I woke up this morning new day begin That was twenty years ago and I still haven't pulled the pin And though I'm over the hump,I pray to hell I ain't over the hill I hope I'm cashing in a pension before somebody is cashing in my will. But the trains are twice as long we hook and haul'em twice as far Run to fail on broken rail a B.O. tag on every car The R.T.C.'s have gone insane my L.O.A. has been declined The fume's are fucking up my brain the furlough's fucking up my mind They said this job was easy They said I could not lose And I'm making a killing living with the Spareboard Blues. CN detector...mile 186...Edson Subdivision...north track...not working...repeat...not working....detector out.