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Banana Pusher (Criticize Battle)
A person from queensland is a pussy. Go figure.
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...Try Me
February 09, 2007
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don't mind luke's attitude it's just normal, ignore him he's known to get cranky (crikie!) when friends won't vote for him on stage you act a fool you'll get popped and booed slash your wrist til ya pulse remix'd chopped and screwed! your best bets to bowdown and back up off me cuz im better at your career than u are at my hobby! we've all elevated cept you; your one of a kind. Auzzie's ahead of our time, so explain why ya dragging behind! quick to ride my penis when I bring my A game your more envious than croc's who's nemesis killed by sting ray's you, sir. are a tad bit too lame. so i aim to end ya life the same way it began, with a bang! his shit quality comes in handy, used as a device delayed his double ups to say we had to listen twice for you sloppy thick headed fools, that means his lyrics nice but he couldnt find a flow on a melting sheet of ice thrust my dick in your throat, let it dwell and make fun-stains your tonsils swell an rock like church bells on sunday your sloppy writtens wont cause ripples in my rank pushing a whip for you means no gas in the vechiles tank this broke bitch's accent, accent's his wackness what your recording, up here aint considered rapping I'm victorious, it's best you accept the facts when I hook, line and sinker; like (da) source's battle raps a masterpiece, when I rap over these beats per minute throwaway lines still got luke beat per minute im a bit of a prick too, so I'd never admit if he won but he won't shine lookin like Powder's Illegitimate son