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The Horsedrawn Miscarriage
A little ditty about the necrophiliac mother who has her unborn child stripped from her. Satan revives said stillborn and sends him to wreak revenge on those who comitted the attrocity.
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Metal - Death/Black Metal
Previous peak charts position #137
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Plaguesfire (originals)
March 24, 2007
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Story behind the song
A little ditty about the necrophiliac mother who has her unborn child stripped from her. Satan revives said stillborn and sends him t wreak revenge on those who comitted the attrocity. Th title came first courtesy of Danevil Parker, pissed up in the brewer one night. The concept and song took off from there.
The Horsedrawn Miscarriage Prologue (Spoken) Hark and hear all, for I have a sad tale to tell. Once upon a time not so long ago A punishment! A punishment! For a mother most foul; Impregnanted by seed of a dead corpse Brought forth the child of satan himself... Act one: The Profanity In an age of crass Christianity, the damned grew fat on followers of insanity All powerful idiots showed us that god was good. In the plight of this one mourning soul chose to go beyond the grave in the name of love For a treasured husband, lustful necrophilia did ensue... None knew of the illicit liaison until it emerged that was far gone with child was she The mother of Damien decried as the satanic whore. Too far gone to terminate the abomination Desecration of the simple faith was cried Act Two: The Damnation Priests on high decide to inflict a torture on this scourge of their faith For “cohorting with the dead” is deadly sin say they Only one course of action to redeem their holiness; Take back the life of the shamed Sharpen the saw. Boil up the holy water to remove the earthly stain Evil intent leaching from every pore Greivously, they took the unborn child’s most precious gift of life Surgically taken from outside the womb Stillborn of the highest calibre Limbs all hacked and mangled Face of an angel stripped of fibre; Reins and tack bodily entangled Suffer at the feet of the righteous few A torture highly sublime A Horsedrawn Miscarriage That messes with the mind Act three: The Madness Intense The question still remained: What of the mother, the unholy whore? Drowned to within an inch of her life, Paraded through the cloisters, her head on a spike for all to see Then came the greatest sacrilege of them all, A public show of monastic power, controlling the mass with fear Chained on the back of a stallion, the dead man's issue dragged through the town Rendered fleshless by the abrasive floor Act four: Stillborn Sacrificial Display In search of a suitable revenge for those who would punish the innocent The soul of the unborn sought revenge from below For a faith it never embraced! Act five: Revenge of the Damned Forget trial by fire, forget trial by water Broken by the hand of man; A Sinless angel cursed forever To rot in hell Shall bring forth the downfall of the most unholy righteous few Evermore let ring an eternal death knell! Each rotten monk suffered the same painful fate, a scourge upon their bones For the murderers now salvation was gone Reprise In the new age of intelligence, satire and caustic wit The priest and clergy kind covered in holy shit.