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Traded Love For Hate(Pain Is On Every Street)
A blues rocker, with an amazing vocal performance by Amy Caldwell....lets rooock !
Blues - Blues Rock
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Richard Anderson / Juri Rosenfeld
RAAA International Productions / ncb 2006-2010
March 28, 2007
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Traded Love For Hate (Pain Is On Every Street) ©RAAA International Productions / Rockaboy Songs/ ncb 2006-2007 Lyrics by Richard Anderson Music written, recorded and produced by Juri "Grand Jury" Rosenfeld Lead vocals by Amy "Sugarbee" Caldwell I have seen the eyes of a child One who weeps No-one knows his pain Or what it is that he seeks There is no accounting for taste Is it so much easier to trade love for hate Are we such careless souls No-one should need to die alone There have been stories of uncontrolled grief I've seen it in the papers It happens all over the place Pain is on every street We put our trust in fate Only to pay back with emotion Is it easier to trade love for hate I ask you - Is it all so hard to take I have known of rebels turned angels Only to have turned back the clock again Is it easier to trade love for hate Are we such fools of recklessness Are we really all that desperate Pain is on every street Pain is on every street
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