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If I Had The Chance (Kurt Lewis Neufer)
This song was recorded with the permission of Tammy Swindell. Thank You Tammy.....
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Country - Country and Western
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Tammy Swindell
Tammy Swindell 2000
May 11, 2007
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4:27 minutes
1.On the day that we married, I promised with my heart. To love and to cherish you til death did us part. I have kept that promise Throughout all these years, That we have been together In laughter, And in tears. 2.It seems like only yesterday, That our babies were born. Back then we didn't have much, But we weathered the storms. I want to reach back sometimes, And recapture that time. But I know it's gone forever, A memory, In my mind. (Chorus) (Chorus) If I had the chance, I'd do it all again. If I could change the past, I wouldn't change a thing. My heart's so full, Well, it would take a lifetime to tell you; What I feel, is so real, Sweetheart for you. What I feel, is so real, Sweetheart for you. 3.Now we're getting older, And our hair is turning gray. I love you so much more now, Than I did yesterday. You are still the best thing, That ever happened to me. My love, my life, My darling Wife The only woman, For me. (Repeat chorus)
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