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A song of love and hope.. beautiful lyrics, wave sounds and with Cello used as Whale sound...
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World - New Age
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Jaya Lewis
May 31, 2007
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Story behind the song
The beauty of the Ocean, and my need to express the heart as being close to the sea.
SAILING 1998 Jaya Lewis (502) To sail, sail across the sea Like waves across the ocean blue To fly, with many coloured wings To the heart that guides humanity Chorus You think the problems are without But they really lie within So wake up, and learn to shine How I wish we could be, as free as free To soar to the heights, above land and sea Like doves of peace, whose graceful flight Lie with the glory of the Universe that Stretches forth its rays of light Chorus When will you give us the peace we seek To spread through Humanity, the mild and meek In heart their lies a child, whose laughter shines Through burdens heavy, doubt and worry For each day is fresh and new Here and now is all thats true Let the light shine through Chorus For what you give away Comes back another day Love will heal all Love will heal all
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