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Land of Hope
Australia, a rich land of glorious colours, animals and landscapes... a land of hope for the future of the worlds earth - may we all become wiser...
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Jaya Lewis
May 31, 2007
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Story behind the song
Dedicated to my father who spent his whole life working to make environments habitable... from architectural designs, to looking after animals, plants and people... he was an avid Conservationist - he taught me the importance of looking after living things. RIP. This song is dedicated to the children of Australia - that they may make better, more informed, and more environmentally sustainable decisions than the previous generations..
LAND OF HOPE Jaya Lewis 1998 The mists of rain on the green trees Soften the eyes, bring a gentle smile The drought has eased in this weary land Mother Earth sings her song The lingering touch, of rain filled clouds Send tears to, our wiser hearts We see now, we need to care Love the land, dont leave a scar CHORUSSo why can we yet not see? What we do today, gives the land its destiny Dont take the forest, kill our streams Choke the air with fumes to breathe So why, can we yet not see? The rich earth of, colors red Glorious hues, of a golden sunset Blue, blue skies arch overhead Twinkle of stars in the night so clear These images flow, from Australian land So bounteous to all, this noble hand This blessed place, we call our home Ancient with wisdom, if we will hear Through dusty days, and windswept nights Our soil is blown away from sight If this country is ours to keep Honor this dirt we stand upon each day So plant that tree, sow that seed Use our hands and hearts, and minds Together we can save our home The richness of our land is at our feet.CHORUSX 2
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