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Radiation Blues
Single - $0.75
Rock - Punk
Previous peak charts position #798
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #35
R krawchuk/R krawchuk, M Krawchuk, M Cota-Robles
2007 Martian Music
July 09, 2007
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I got a case of the Radiation blues microwave blew up, we all got nuked my hair's falling out, and I have to puke micro oven is running loose Radiation blues well turn me on Watched TV for fifty days got kinda boring 'cause the show are gay in front of the TV is my favorite place stared technology in the face radiation blues well turn me on We're all gonna die eventually might as well be in front of my tv there's no shows left I haven't seen if I can't watch my favorites I'll have to scream Radiation blues Well turn me on
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