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In The Back
Southern Anthem and a dancefloor banger!!!
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Electronic - Breakbeat
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Kontrol & Kidd Star
Live Wire Entertainment
November 20, 2007
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Story behind the song
We were DJing for Atlanta's biggest afterhour club at time & we came up with this party anthem...it describes the scene at the time perfectly.
Kidd Star's Verse: VIP is packed, with girls in the back They all tryin' to get this kidd all caught up in there trap, It's an everyday struggle with my money on my mind, You wanna sit and chat, girl, I just don't have that time, And you'll never see me quitting or stopping this life, I've always been the bad brotha 'cause I'll never live twice, Money over bitches, now that's a fact jack, I don't care about fake titties my true passion is cash. Kontrol Verse: I control my own destiny, got plastic ho's sweatin' me, But y'all don't have the recipe to ever get the best of me, 'Cause nobody can do it like we does, I know you're feelin' our sound like I'm feelin' this buzz, CD's and merchandise, E-Hop is like ice, Your addicted for life and you should be thankin' me twice, These ladies love it when we chat so they can fantasize, About these boyz from the burbs that got 'em hypnotize.
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