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Baddest DJ
Message sent to all those no skill DJ's across the world.
Electronic - Breakbeat
Previous peak charts position #238
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #5
Kontrol & Kidd Star
Live Wire Entertainment
November 20, 2007
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Story behind the song
At time, and still currently, we were seeing/listening to a lot of sub-par DJ's around town and while we were on tour, and wanted to let them know that what we thought. We felt the best way to do that was put a track together & a music video to it that was of epic proportion to let them know that we are the KINGZ OF THE CLUBZ!
Kontrol Verse: I am one bad brotha have'nt ya noticed I got fans in Florida and out to the Dakota's Ya bogus, you ain't a triple threat like me, I have so many ways to rock the party, I love to party, I just love what I do, You try to understand but you have no clue, Upset 'cause I don't walk, talk & dress like you, Used to be 3 but now there's just 2, I spend most of my days playin' 360, Smoking american dream & gettin' tipsy, Ho's miss me when I leave the city, I make my paper boy and I do the ditty, Grew up on DJ's Clue & Kid Capri, Premier, Funk Flex and of course Rog G, Then to Icey, Sharaz & Infiniti, And now they mention me 'cause they love the 3. Kidd Star Verse: I'm the baddest DJ in all the land, You can call me Kidd Star or you can call me the man, You see when I'm on the tables my set is crafted meticulously, Cause when me run is over I'll be remembered in history, Pioneers of E-Hop & now you're all on our jock, Ya copyin' our style & bein' something your not, And I don't need billboard to try and tell me what's a hit, I just met eygptian lover and he told me I'm the shit, I heard what y'all sucka's do for a lil' bit of fame, We got female DJ's spinnin' naked to get paid, I guess mixing records is like a thing of the past, Playin' tracks off our CD's & then lettin' beats crash, Y'all DJ's are makin' it to easy to win, You couldn't beat me in a game to 11 by spottin' ya 10, Baddest DJ, you god damn right, I'll rock tha party then your girl, ALL DAMN NIGHT!