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With the Leader of the Band
*NEW VERSION 3/20/2011*. Now Midi Strings. A tribute to Dan Fogelberg . RIP. No secret that Dan has had a huge influence on my musical life. Now playing on a Dan tribute site called everon. http://everon.info/tonydelecce1.htm
Acoustic - Acoustic Vocals
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Tony DeLecce
October 30, 2011
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Story behind the song
Another musical hero gone. Was listening to Dans music all day on monday in my car and at work. I got out my old Dan Fogelberg song book and was playing all my favs when this song came in a matter of minutes. Not often that happens but when it does you have to go with it. All accoustic with My Martin D35. But he was too young for this. If you followed the press release of Dan's death this is following that release as to him passing away at 6:00 AM on Sunday and it was snowing here and probably might have been in Maine where he died at home with his wife Jean. P.S. I know he left the charts and took diversions into blue grass but if you have not heard Full Circle released in 2003 (His last album) do yourself a favor and get it he truly did come full circle back to his early sound.
With the Leader of the Band Words/Music Tony DeLecce 12/17/2007 Six O’clock in the Morning A Sunday early morning snow Even though I’ve often thought about him Little did I know That he was gone all that’s left are the songs His life was short in time But he touched us with his heart He always had the words to say No matter what was wrong And now he’s gone All that’s left are the songs He’s with the leader of the band now He’s free from all of his pain He’s singing with joy in paradise though things will never be the same He’s with the Leader of the Band I can still remember all those years ago when I heard him singing on the radio It was part of the plan Somethings are hard to understand I’d like to take this time To thank him For all that he’s meant to me For all the times I was crying When he helped me off my knees With his song He’s with the leader of the band now He’s free from all of his pain I’d like to thank him for the reason When it came my time to play He’s with the Leader of the Band Chords: Dm, Dmsus,F,G7 C, A7, F, G7 Chorus: Bm, C, D, G, Bm D Capo on 2nd fret
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