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The Mystery of the Night
I would like this song to be a theme song to a movie I am writing, at least the novel so far.
Rock - Psychedelic Rock
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Jeff Copeland
January 02, 2008
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Story behind the song
The song: The Mystery of the Night. In D Dorian mode. It's the C major scale in all white keys but you play the notes from D to D not C to C thus it gives it a minor blues like sound. I had problems getting the notes of this scale to sound right with the chords. I would like to make more songs in this D Dorian mode and would appreciate some ideas on which chords to use. I believe I used the equivalent of all major chords with notes from multiple octaves added for this song. I did not using minor and sevenths chords because I did not find my step whole step theory chart to determine what chords to play as minor Etc. I went adead with tha all major chords to give the song a unique sound, plus the drum parts happen to also be very unique sounding.
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