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You'll Never Know (Kurt and Lekzee collab)
Written and Produced by Lekzee Patrick. A song about a love lost.....
Single - $1.00
Pop - Adult Contemporary
Charts #15 in subgenre today (peak #1)
Previous peak charts position #42
Danielle Dana Rivers (AKA Lekzee Patrick)
2007 Danielle Dana Rivers (AKA Lekzee Patrick)
January 14, 2008
MP3 3.4 MB
128 kbps bitrate
3:42 minutes
Story behind the song
When I heard Lekzee sing this song, I just had to ask her if she would allow me to sing it for her....and she has graciously given me permission to record this beautiful song. Thank You Lekzee... Lekzee worked her keyboard magic to enhance the acoustic rendition.
Now you've gone away, And forever I'm alone, Your memory smiles at me, A precious love, Iv'e never shown, My heartaches are my own, can't blame anyone but me, How I wish I had you here, Now this love can never, Because I never told you, How much I love, So I guess you'll never, never know And I'll be sorry someday Wondering why I let you go, I never kissed you, I never held you, I never reached out for the love that's in your eyes, And I'll sorry someday, cause it's too late to say I love you so. Now you've gone and it's too late to tell you, What I wanted to say, Either way you know what Iv'e been through, It's too late anyway.....
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