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Foetus Dreaming
Do babies dream while in the womb? If so, sounds from the world outside may influence those dreams. No instruments used (real or virtual). Recorded found-sounds purposely mixed to give a cavernous quality. Use headphones to hear the subtle montage.
Electronic - Noise
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T. Faulkner / Garden of Surreal Dreams
T. Faulkner / Garden of Surreal Dreams_Sep 2004
March 27, 2008
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Story behind the song
A short piece of sound-art created a few years ago for entry into the Big Art Challenge 2004 competition, run by UK's Channel 5 TV, for a new series. Also, in 2005, it was sent to Sonic Arts Network for possible inclusion on a potential compilation CD, but for an unknown reason the project didn't go ahead as planned. So for now, it lives here! Subtle new re-mix updated 27/03/08.
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