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The first 'single' from Pop Junkie. The title says it all.
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Pop - Power Pop
Previous peak charts position #2
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #1
Jon Solo
February 2008
March 14, 2008
MP3 3.9 MB
128 kbps bitrate
4:13 minutes
Story behind the song
Not really much of a story. It seemed like a simple thing to ask someone to stay and not leave you alone. As with all of my tracks I really enjoy a strong retro feel that takes you back to early vocal groups; not just with modernizing their singing styles but also modernizing their content while keeping the beauty and simplicity of them.
Stay Don’t make me talk about it Don’t make me sing about it Don’t make me scream and shout it All I know is that I want you by my side Hey Don’t ask for any favors Do I look like a savior? I just want you to stay here Someone knows how I need you by my side Oh no It's not the way I planned it Oh no And I don’t understand it Oh no You’re leaving anyway How I wish That you Would stay Now Is not the time for questions Or hesitant reflections Breaking us into sections All I know is that you’re walking away How Am I supposed to answer It’s growing like a cancer And should I take the chance of Asking you, no, begging you to stay Oh no This is not how I dreamed it Oh no Is this the way you schemed it Oh no You’re leaving anyway Should I begin Should I pretend Should I give in To not asking It’s all the same It’s all so lame It’s all ashamed So give in
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