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Elisabeth Shue
There is this girl across the club from me...is that...naw couldn't be!
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Alternative - Brit Pop
Previous peak charts position #89
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #6
Jon Solo
April 2008
March 31, 2008
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128 kbps bitrate
4:00 minutes
Story behind the song
I met a girl who looked just like Elisabeth Shue. There was a ring to that name, and the story was intriguing enough to write a song about it!
Five o’clock work is done Time to have a little fun At the club grabbed a drink Didn’t even have time to think Turned around she was there Though I tried not to stare There was something about her Something strangely familiar In my mind there was no doubt (I didn’t have to think about it) So I just had to let it out I said- My God you look just like Elisabeth Shue Of all the girls in the world how did this happen to you My hearts on fire for Miss Elisabeth Shue Please say something to me cause I don’t know what to do She turned and smiled so gently Then she looked at me intently Though she knew they looked alike She’d probably tell me to take a hike She was calm though condescending After all I was offending It was me who made the moment tense I should have used more common sense Cause what she said was no surprise (I should have thought about it) But something I should realize She said- I know I look just like Elisabeth Shue Of all the things you could say you told me something I knew What do I care if you like Elisabeth Shue That is not who I am so how stupid of you She squashed me like a bug in the carpet The world would be a better place without me now But I’d really like to get a second chance Just tell me how I’d like to get to know Elisabeth Shue But I don’t really mean her because I really mean you I know that your real name is not Elisabeth Shue So please share with me before I’m deeper in doo I don’t care if you’re not Elisabeth Shue And she were here right now, I’d still be talking to you Tell me please before you bid me adieu I need to know something now tell me if it is true
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