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America, Sweet Home Of Liberty ! What America is all about. We stand for basic human rights for all people, regardless of faith, color, creed, religion. We care about our neighbors around the world, God Bless them and God Bless America !
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Kurt Lewis Neufer
2008 Kurt Lewis Neufer
April 26, 2009
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Story behind the song
Version 1 of many to come... Verse 3 by Mike Marshall, Thank You Mike, Revised June 12, 2008
Sweet Home of Liberty Capo on 4th Fret Guitar into ----G, d, Em, C, G, D, G (single string picking) G D Em C G D America, America, Sweet home, of liberty, G D Em C G D D D We strive for freedom everywhere, At home and acrossed the sea, Chorus C D G Em C D G G America, America, Sweet home of liberty, C D G Em The land, that I, proudly call, my home, C D G G G America, the land of the free! G D Em Freedom's price, is the lives of our troops, C G D Who fight, to keep us all free, G D Em Lord bless, each one, and bring them home safe, C G D D D To be with their families. Chorus G D Em There's war, and terror, and around the world, C G D And we, have taken, a stand, G D Em As we extend humanity (was “To rid the world of tyranny”) C G D D D At home and in other lands, Chorus G D Em And though, the world, may struggle, C G D To find peace, and harmony, G D Em May our nation be a shining example, C G D Of the way, that life could and should be. Chorus
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