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2020 remix of a collab with Jeff Miller, Ray Garcia & Bobby Mack doing some "Killer Metal" - Based on the MARVEL character 'The Punisher'
Metal - Industrial Metal
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J.M.Miller/M. Duran/R.Garcia/B.Mack
J.M.Miller/M. Duran/R.Garcia/B.Mack
July 04, 2020
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320 kbps bitrate
4:43 minutes
Story behind the song
Jeff approached me with this project, and lyric, I was inspired to produce this "Movie Trailer" soundtrack to fit Jeffs' lyric. credits; J.M.Miller; Lyrics & concept M.Duran; additional Lyrics, all instuments, overall production R.Garcia; Vocals, vocal arrangement & production B.Mack; Drums engineering & production. FBI undercover agent Frank Castle had it all: A loving family, an adventurous job, and a great life he was retiring to, celebrating a family re-union. A crimelord who unfairly blames Frank for the death of his son, seeks this moment for revenge. In a blaze of brutal violence Castles family is murdered and his life taken from him, or so they think... Castle survives.. and is re-born into "The Punisher" his only purpose is to wage a one man war against the crimelord, and his organization, ..vengence.. The Punisher tricks and leads them on, using their greed and brutality to set them up, and finally destroys them with their own evil. now he is left with a new mission. "Those who do evil to others, will come to know me well" The Punisher.
One day I'm celebrating with my family around me.. the next, the local druglords decided to pay us a visit.. they took everything from me They thought they'd killed me, well they were wrong.. DEAD wrong yeah, I had a life once, I had a family.. now all I have is a mission.. hey.. BAD GUYS! You have no power over me, now you're just puppets on my string come meet your ruler kneel down before your king cause I know what you are thinking long before it becomes a thought I'll break your will and bring you to defeat cause I know what I'm thinking my will be done To you I am your punisher and constant source of pain a power that you can't control and never will restrain a chaos that consumes you to the core of every soul cause my name is the punisher and I am in control I'll play you like a fiddle I'll crush your fragile will I'm a predator that's on the hunt and will not stop until until I have exacted a harsh and costly toll my name is the punisher and vengeance is my goal You can't kill me, I'm dead already You have no power over me, now you're just puppets on my string come and meet your ruler kneel down before your king those who do evil to others will come to know me well and my choice is the only choice that's all you suckers got I am your punisher, you have no power over me. (C) 2008 J.M.Miller/M. Duran/R.Garcia/B.Mack
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