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HipHop - Positive Vibes
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May 20, 2008
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Every time I rhyme on the mic it's now a crime x3 No exaggeration, Yo fuck this nation They mad cuz I'm white and from the burbs And so often I'm right so I get classified nerd They ask me why I rap, well why should I answer that Just listen to the wisdom that I'm passin with these words Oh I get it... you just want another trashy verse from some wannabe fake G who's fast to get hurt What's classic at first becomes a stereotype So everybody on the mic is just itchin to fight They had a dream, but didn't live the vision out right So it sizzles in the pan then fizzles from site Ironic, they listen to my music and they see white Words are heard through their eyes, how can rappers be tight This my mission impossible Eminem was not a gateway, no he stands as an obstacle Next time you say I should rap like him I swear to fucking God Imma put you in the hospital I'm tired of people who think I wanna be a killa, A Blood Spilla, a pimp or even a coke dealer And when I tell them that, they think I'm Vanilla I'm not ice, not plain, nobody's realer I can't get it through their thick skulls it's a damn shame How to get this message across? I need a campaign Goin coast to coast time to get these fans sane Cuz they out they damn mind if they think this mans' lame ... They just mad cuz I'm college material I'm eatin steak and eggs while they feedin on cereal If you want a better grain go and get yaself some bread You got a brain in ya head, use it instead. I know you hate ya liver and abuse it to death, but when you sober up you'll find truth in the mess And trust me on that shit, I learned from hard knocks and its never easy man I can hardly stop. The truth of it all, the hook is not a metaphor I turned a wrong direction I coulda took a better course But it's not without that bullshit, better bet I got a damn year just for surfin the internet And some bitch hit on me at the bar And took me back to the crib, yo this thinkin isn't hard Put it together, what you think she tryna start But a month later somehow I'm in a fuckin cop car At the top of my class and had to drop outta school Had to cut some people off even tho they cool Life flip turns upsidedown And I know my fate already I'm just waitin it out I couldn't go to trial, I had to take the plea Juries are sexist they'd never believe me But no matter what kinda sentence they demand They gonna have to pry this damn mic out my hand
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