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Partying Like a Sumo Wrestler
Single - $0.25
Album - $3.00
Alternative - Avant Rock
Previous peak charts position #79
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #11
Rodrigo Carreira
Rodrigo Carreira
May 23, 2008
MP3 4.5 MB
128 kbps bitrate
4:53 minutes
PARTYING LIKE A SUMO FIGHTER All Night… We’re gonna be there all night… With all due respect I must say I feel Compelled to agree I’m new to this place You have been around Way long before me I’m not one of yours I know that for sure No need to make clear I fancy other sounds Not just that fake rattle You force me to hear And we’re gonna play it all night Your eloquent love And your sketchy hatred Are your daily bread A sweaty machine Mechanical walk And Primitive head You think you are the only one who makes noise In this famous slum It won’t be too long You’ll see how goes broke your industry of fun And we’re gonna be there all night Could you spare that scowling, here…? Don’t just stand by scowling there We owe you nothing… You are the one who’s cutting the cake We owe you nothing…. What? Yes, Nothing… Here comes mister double chin (he’s smashed) Showing off his rusted gear Looks like a burnt Christmas tree He doesn’t like to see us here But too bad, we’ll keep it on All Night Long