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You Might Be Messing Up With The Wrong Person
Single - $0.25
Album - $3.00
Alternative - Avant Rock
Previous peak charts position #568
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #43
Rodrigo Carreira
Rodrigo Carreira
May 23, 2008
MP3 4.2 MB
128 kbps bitrate
4:40 minutes
YOU MIGHT BE MESSING UP WITH THE WRONG PERSON There we go again Another gay chimp who needs to demonstrate All his handful of antics and with a perfect timing he pours his hate rap when passing by On the other side A weird looking cat who likes to set his home Where he knows he’s not welcome An easy pray for the shriek of the day, the chimp thought, would scare him away But, oh ! surprise… You might be messing up with the wrong person Tried to talk him down Cracking up, talking crap with his supporting crew He likes always being local But when the cat turned back on his steps to fight him, the monkey froze You might be messing up with the wrong person Got the smallest cell The cat is all right they put him by himself While he looks at the gray wall Before the cops call him out and take him to court to apologize But you know what? He said… “I’m not sorry at all, chimp At least you will know to keep it shut next time, and every time when You see your bruised up face You never know what people carry So next time you’ll remember, right bee…?” You might be messing up with the wrong person