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HipHop - Alternative Hip Hop
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May 24, 2008
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Seems everywhere I go I'm caught in this haze Behind clouds of anger and a mountain of hate Gotta wash it away, so I'll drown it in faith But my time's runnin out, and I\m coutin the days The pressure's on. So when you face me will you come out on top or be the lesser one One move to make so don't be guessin wrong Gotta make this shot count and impress the strong When it all falls apart they'll be runnin to you, So what do you do? It's gotta mean somethin to you You're in front of ya crew, and in front of the world You're nerves are buildin and ya wantin to hurl The room is spinnin and the crowd is waiving No backin out now, there is no safe haven Stop the prayin. You can win, you just gotta believe. Calm down *2 breaths* just breathe My heart's pounding, and the walls are closin in around me, I can't even see my surrounding My visions blurrin. I have no idea what's occurrin, All I know it feels like I'm drowning Pause for a second, and swim to the top, Just collect myself and in a minute it stops It took me a long time to get to this spot So I can't let go, never lettin it drop Gotta give it full speed until it's time to go The nerves connect and my mind explodes This electrics cuttin off all the skeptics And freeze the clock, there's an hour till the next tick Grab the hands and I'm turnin them back Despite logic and fact, it actually reacts Time rewinds, I got some time for me, but more importantly I got some time to breathe I've got questions and I've got so much doubt My mind's in space and I can't touch down Everything was easy, all at once it's hard That's how it's gonna be when you're amongst the stars I'm caught in the midst of a lunar eclispe So dark so bright in the view of this kid All the hate and lies are gonna fill his eyes Till he don't really care what the truth of it is All he's really gotta know is it's a beautiful mix Of all the love and passion, and that's all he's askin A star explodes and the site entraps ya Your jaw drops down and your soul is captured Can't turn away until the show is done And the last bit of air has excaped your lungs And after that, this is all you need Sit back, re-lax, deep breath, just breathe
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