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Metal - Alternative Metal
Previous peak charts position #393
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #62
Halsdorff, Jackson, LaMarra, & Dedrick
June 11, 2008
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Story behind the song
Song is about being a upstart band and the difficulties that go along with it, promoting, friends no showing at gigs, people/family telling you you're wasting your time, the typical bull sh** . It was the quickest song ever written by us, one night at practice Mike just came up with the main riff on the fly and the song was done, vocals and all by the next few practices.
Waiting for you to see me I've waited for so long, but now the love is gone I'm under the atrium My name's in the lights, but you don't care I'm under this atrium Waiting all through the night to my despair. Wanting for you to see me By myself i will fend without you my friend (Chorus) And you weren't there Sat here, waiting for you But this was, the last time (Chorus) But you weren’t there