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Until Forever
Metal - Alternative Metal
Previous peak charts position #701
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #318
Music: Halsdorff, Dedrick ; Lyrics: Dedrick
June 11, 2008
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Story behind the song
This song was written over the course of about a year, basically the chorus was written at one time and we could never come up with anything for the intro or verse, etc.....it was shelved and Mike worked on it months later and came up with the rest of the parts one night at home, brought it to practice and the song was basically finished in an hour....words and all. The lyrics deal with the death of someone close to you.
I feel a growing pain, haunts me everyday Stalks me in my sleep, no cure they're telling me But I can't take it this pain I feel it's starting to take over Though my life he's taken, I don't blame him I'd gladly do this over As my life fades away, with this disease to blame Know I'm with you until forever But now it's you and me, close your eyes to see That I'm with you until forever Now the end's in sight, enchanted by the light And while my life depletes, I'm praying on my knees (Chorus) Though my life faded away, from this disease I'm free Still with you until forever So now remember me, close you eyes and breathe I'm with you until forever