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Halsdorff, Jackson, & Dedrick
June 11, 2008
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Story behind the song
This song was a long time in the making and shows a different side of Sight Unscene. The music was written a long time ago by Mike when he was in his previous band. It was always one of those songs that was screaming for some awesome vocals to complete it. Once we finally got a singer and had written the majority of the vocals for the record John, Anthony, and Mike went back and explored it and what it turned into exceeded expectations. Shows our melodic side, the lyrics deal with the sudden loss of a loved one, the things never said and the pain and disarray that the living have to endure.
Of all the times, of all the times I saw your face Last time we met, so insignificant the way This circumstance, no 2nd chance and now you’re gone Did you have a clue I’d be the last time I saw you, we said goodbye Wish I could forget, somehow just erase I’ve come unglued , haunting memories of you What would I tell you, if I only had the time to tell Would I change my ways, Would I bottle up your love in me The tears aren’t fading These eyes are aging with this pain Wasted conversations rain, on me, please wash free (Chorus) Still floods my life , every single time I try To, forget you, forget you Did you have a clue I’d be the last time I saw you (Chorus) And I feel (Disarray), so decayed (Disarray) My life has been (My disarray), in disarray
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