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I don't give a damn
Music:Thomas Moore;Lyrics,Vocal:Amy Caldwell, Instruments,mix-mast etc.,-Juri Rosenfeld
Alternative - Brit Pop
Previous peak charts position #42
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #3
Amy Caldwell/Thomas Moore
August 24, 2008
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Hey Babe, where you goin this time? Are you goin forever are you leaving me behind Can you really look into these eyes and say it with a straight face as you fill me up with lies do you think that you're fooling me? do you think that I cannot see I'm falling in every direction my darling, the floor falls out from under me back at square one, back where we began but I've had enough, I'm fed up, you can go because baby I don't give a damn well you had me, then you lost me so go off and do the best you think you can Well, I always thought that we would last thought we'd share every secret, grow in love as time passed but I've waited now forever and a day you don't change you won't grow you don't love me, all you do is go away. No more sitting and waiting, no more dreaming of your face I've wasted far too many hours waiting here in this place but this time when you crawl back, see me finally as I am strong, and fed up with your bullshit so just leave now, cause I don't give a damn I don't give a damn well you had me now you lost me so go screw up life as only you can Did you ever love me did you ever see the way that I loved you so completely I've waited for hours I waited so long but now I'm determind to sing a new song you thought you had everything under control but now babe it's your turn to be out in the cold I can't give you credit for being a man you had everything now its gone and I don't give a damn
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