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I'M OUTTA HERE (Tammy Swindell / Frank Dicker Sr.)
A wife who has enough.....
Country - Rockabilly
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F. Dicker SR / K. Neufer / T. Swindell
F. Dicker SR / K. Neufer / T. Swindell
September 22, 2008
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Story behind the song
Frank asked me if I could help him with this song so I asked Tammy Swidell if she would sing the lead vocal. Credits: Lyrics and melody-Frank Dicker Sr. (ASCAP) Vocals: Drum and drum fills - Tammy Swindell Guitar, bass, melody changes: Kurt Lewis Neufer
I’m Outa Here, Frank A. Dicker, Sr. ©2005 Honey, I'm sick n tired of all your lies. With every tale there comes a new disguise. Like the lipstick on your collar, you said must be mine. I can’t sort the truth, from all your lies. Dinner by myself is getting old, By the time you come home, your dinners cold,. Your lyin’ n cheatin’, goes on and on. And the man..that I once knew is gone. CHORUS (Speak this first line) I see it in your eyes when you tell me your lies, with that STUPID look on your face. Then you look down at me with those big brown eyes Oh, you’ll be sorry, this is the final time . So baby, it’s over, and I’m outa here. Instrument solo Just one time, I wish you’d think of me. What ever happened to all our dreams? Between the women, cards and football games, it’s so plain to see. You really, don't give a flip for me Not waiting up for you, no more, no way. I’m out of here, and I’m not gonna stay. I can see that you don’t care, So get your friends to wash your underwear. Repeat chorus twice Instrumental end
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