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MMM5 round 1
Savage lands are all thunder cunts
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...Try Me
October 02, 2008
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Story behind the song
Here's an interesting side note: I wrote this the day match ups were announced. I recorded the day match ups were announced.
i drop early he gasping. turn around and seen rapping his record from scratch like DJ green lantern he started to write, but came out a disaster showed to his crew but their only advice was laughter angered, thereafter his pen broke-- this mutherfucka gone and got pembroke'd; he's getting killed by his master you stank ass with your text rhyming brother its rock band on easy; I pass u with flying colors; he wont even see a 2nd round posted up cause fags who lose never return to vote for stuff your crew will vote me, but fuck it they suck dick must pop toy guns cause i only hear a weak clique and i see nothing wrong with writing some weak shit when tyrant's gone i'll think twice of my beat pick cause it's impossible hes staying close to my pace so pull a boogie dawg, don't post up just save face!