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I'll Do It - FULL SONG
Written, produced and arranged by LaDeana Michelle, "I'll Do It" is a hot, medium-tempo groove, also available as a ringtone. Download all: http://www.ladeanamichelle.com/Online_Store.html
Single - $1.00
Urban - R&B/Soul/Pop
Previous peak charts position #157
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #85
LaDeana Michelle
(C) Kala Kya Music Publishing, BMI
November 05, 2008
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Story behind the song
A GOOD man is wasting his time with a cheating girlfriend. A third-party observer (woman) wants to save him from being hurt. Her love is waiting for him, if he only opens his eyes. Non-fictional, yet true throughout the universe.
I’ll DO IT Written by LaDeana Michelle ©Kala Kya Music Publishing, BMI Hey Oh ah Ooh ha Oh no, ha 1ST VERSE: Such a typical thing (Boy meets a girl and they cannot be together) Oh, please You really need to see, she’s Using you for a plaything How could you (Put up with it?) All the late nights out (Don’t you get it?) She’s lettin’ others hit it now (You don’t mean a thing to her) Not like you mean to me But I intend to let you find out HOOK: You’ve been stuck in a situation You get no respect She ain’t lovin’ you And if she won’t I’ll do it Cause she never cared about, about you Now why you puttin’ up with the lies Phony alibis Upset all the time When I could be lovin’ you If she won’t I’ll do it Cause that ain’t somethin’ that you have to go through 2ND VERSE: We’re not on the same page, yet (You think she gon’ change and you’re gonna stay together) Oh, please Once a snake, always a snake Watch your foolish thinking Why do you (Sit there, take it?) She’s out there actin’ like a fool (Don’t you think it’s) Time for someone to be into you (Cause you don’t mean a thing to her) But you mean so much to me Take my love Let it do what it do Cause you’re stuck in a situation HOOK (2X): Cause this type of thing is crazy, boo (It’s crazy, boo) BREAK: You’ve been arguin’, fussin’, cussin’ Talkin’ bout the same thing over and over again (mmm) You ain’t even gettin’ no love Playin’ goody-goody (And you don’t have to) You’re miserable, trustin’ Bustin’ her with those others She ain’t no good What you thinkin’? Maybe it’s time to give me a try I’ll do it Ooh ah She ain’t lovin’ you Wooh, wooh, wooh, what (what, what) Take my love Let it do what it do While I do what I do babe Oh, you mean so much to me If she ain’t lovin’ you I’ll do it HOOK
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