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More Than Friends - FULL SONG
More Than Friends is 1 of LaDeana Michelle's most timeless, requested ballads from the hit release, "Inside Love's Window". Download at her Official Online Store (copy/paste link n ur browser): http://www.ladeanamichelle.com/Online_Store.html
Single - $1.00
Urban - R&B/Soul/Pop
Previous peak charts position #2
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #2
LaDeana Michelle
(C) Kala Kya Music Publishing, BMI
November 05, 2008
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Story behind the song
How many times has one fallen in love with a friend? After all...who would know you better?
MORE THAN FRIENDS Written by LaDeana Michelle © Kala Kya Music Publishing, BMI Ooh, ah Hey, oh 1ST VERSE: You and I hung out like the usual (Typical Saturday night flow) This time you walked me to my door real slow (Normally you’d go, but) This time you didn’t want to go, and 2ND CHORUS: (Ooh) Tonight, something different in your eyes (Ooh) Made chills run down my spine (Then you touched me) I never knew I’d feel this way (ooh, ooh) All I could say was “Pull me closer” My friend HOOK: One moment Changed a lifetime Of being friends But don’t it feel good? These feelings Were unexpected Now, we’re more than friends But don’t it feel good? You’ve been just a friend for all these years And now You and I are lying here Ooh, my heart is racin’ Ooh, anticipating This decision But don’t it feel good? 2ND VERSE: Nobody else knows me Knows me like you do (I know everything about you, too) Love and respect you give to me I give to you (I had no clue) We’d be feeling like true lovers do 2ND CHORUS: HOOK (2X): BREAK: (I’ve been knowing you so long) That I don’t know what to say We’re more than friends now (So tell me how long) How long have you been thinkin’ bout’ this? Everything’s gonna change somehow (Don’t know if it’s worth it) But being here with you (It feels so perfect) What are we gon’ do? (We’ve got decisions to make) And we gon’ talk about this In the morning But for now Don’t it feel good? HOOK
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