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Two Friend
I want to redo the drums and guitar for this since rhythmically they're slightly off. I'm not a pro drummer but I'm not too ashamed of this. This recording has no double trax except vox.
Rock - Hard Rock
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The Black Lung
Astro-Man Records 2008
November 11, 2008
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128 kbps bitrate
5:00 minutes
Story behind the song
Again... those who know, know. Those who don't aren't supposed to.
Gathering winds through super highways Vanish to the sun You're lying in the shade with sunken sockets Leave me wondering what's become Don't ask me who I am Cos I am friend, til the end You've been pushing too much And when desperate, you cannot steer Pay the motions to us Your silence is your sign of fear Lay down your arms and track your way back Promises never mean a thing if you crack I'll follow on but not lay down my arms Show me you're human, and show me you're real And I'll help you to get back on track I can lie here to you I can be your soul mate's demise I don't answer to you You'll not rest in our heavenly skies Lay down your arms and track your way here You know me, my warm embrace, never fear I'll fill you up with all the things you think you lack You turn your head, I'll pull out my scythe And I'll make sure you're doomed to come back