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Sometimes (remaster Jan 2019)
You can throw away a dream... but it always comes back to haunt you.
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TK Major
1996, TK Major
January 06, 2019
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Sometimes I think about ya think about, think about think about the things I thought I'd do for you Sometimes I wonder how you're doing now I think about it but I think it turned out best when I think it through I know I let you down I let you down, I let you down I let ya down hard and blamed it all on you I threw your love away and I laughed and I laughed I laughed until I died and when I came to... the world -- it was dead and I walked around and I walked around I walked around the world but I couldn't find you I tore my soul open it was empty, it was empty a tunnel into nowhere and I never got thru sometimes I think about ya think about ya, think about ya think about the world I mighta had with you (C)1999 TK Major www.bluetrip.com [ more music | onebluenine.com | messages ]
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