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Monkey Face
Although the human race has evolved to it's current level of technology, we are all still basically animals.
Single - $0.75
Pop - Adult Contemporary
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Tyson & Judge
May 08, 2009
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3:48 minutes
Always up to something Curious thoroughbred Looking for the answers See yourself instead You're really something, Oh so civilized! You've changed your nature. Monkey Face. Solving all the problems, that you make in your head. More questions for your answers Until the day you're dead. Instead You're really something, you human race. But you got a monkey. Monkey face. Never looking back wards. You've left your stain. Reshaped the jungle, and changed the rain. See yourself. In nature's plan. Monkey man. How is your life better, with the changes you have made. Or are we only serving, the rules of our own games. Insane. Your so pretentious, brother learn your place. You're just pathetic. Monkey face.
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