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The great Pascal Boog(PROCKS) from GERMANY, played his guitar so magnificently, as always. All vocals, and backing trak, by Countess Lekzee. Thank you so much Pascal. You are a great Artist.
Pop - Pop Rock
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January 10, 2010
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I'M FINALLY FREE...All words, arrangement, and music written by Alexis M. Patrick (Lekzee) Published with Deddfrimaizence Music, Inc.,Nashville, TN. VERSE ONE : Listen to me, Can you hear? I'm finally free, I have no fear. Livin' in the dark, it's daylight now. I'll find a way, to forget somehow. CHORUS....................................... VERSE TWO: You take, You never give. Goodbye to you, I want to live. I can go, anywhere I please. Broken chains, I've got my release. CHORUS: Don't wanna see you again. For this I will rejoice. Before you count to ten, I'll leave by my own choice. I won't see the likes of you. I'll put you in the flow. I'll set you anywhere, Even though,you don't wanna go-o-o-o BRIDGE: I can't wait to go, can't wait to leave. Find your own damned show. No more deceit. Flying in that plane, I will smile. Free from your chain, And your a-Tom-ic file.
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