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At The Dentist
A Hilarious song about my 1st trip to the Dentist!
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Dave Meyers
November 27, 2003
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Story behind the song
My 1st trip to the Dentist which we all can relate too! Very funny!
I went to the Dentist, when I was just five. I didn't really know if I could survive! He put me in a chair, and strapped me down tight, I tried to get out, with all my might. He opened my mouth and turned on the light, He picked at my teeth and he said don't bite. I looked at his hand and what did I see... A giant needle coming after me! (Chorus) I'm at the Dentist, for the very 1st time. I'm at the Dentist, I must be out of my mind. I had to be here, cuz I'm in such pain... But please don't shoot me with that novicane! I shut my eyes and started to pray, Oh help me Lord, get me home today. I promise to be good, oh help me please... The next thing I knew, I started to sneeze! The Dentist fell back and let out a sigh, The needle went flyin high in the sky. I opened my eyes and looked all around... The Dentist was lying flat on the ground! I slid down the chair and out the door, cuz I ain't going back to the Dentist no more!
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