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Dead of Winter
Blues song about the seemingly endless winter
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Blues - Blues General
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Alan Marscher
2009 by Alan Marscher
February 28, 2009
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1. It’s mid-winter time and bitter cold outside The snow keeps fallin’ so I just stay inside Yeah, it’s the dead of winter and my soul has died 2. It won’t thaw before April, that’s what I’ve been told My woman left last month, now I just shiver from the cold I’d find myself another lover, but the pretty girls think I’m too old Bridge: I remember complainin’ about the summer heat Now it’s hard explainin’ that to my frostbit feet With icicles hangin’ from the roof and black ice on the street [Guitar solo] [Repeat Bridge] 3. I’m starin’ out the window, and I’m feelin’ mighty blue Thoughts pound in my brain about how much I’m missin’ you I’m shakin’ with a fever, think I’ve come down with the flu 4. It’s mid-winter time and everything is goin’ wrong I’d get up out of this chair but I don’t feel so strong I’ll try to hold out ‘til spring, but don’t think I’ll last that long
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