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This piece is a trance-like beat and sound at 135 BPM in the key of F major. There are only two classical instruments here: piano and strings; everything else is synthetic. The bass lines are 5-6 pulse notes using long and short durations.
Instrumentals - Funk
Classical Funk
August 05, 2009
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Story behind the song
There were over 30 eight-measure beats built over one week in BeatCraft alone, but only about seven made the cut. The overall beat is a bit harder than my custom, and is as funky as I am able thus far. While I tried to stretch the notes out and slightly beyond a full octave, the overall melodic quality still trends too tight. The ambient tone is getting fuller and richer, but not where I am completely satisfied. Transitions continue to challenge, though I am getting more comfortable blending the ends and beginnings for melody and beat continuity. Discovered a little trick to keep beats from cracking at the end in MixCraft - by ensuring the loop ends on a strong sound.