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Felt Alright With *Swampman * *NEW* **FREE DL**
A fun Party song with tha Cuzz... Swampman burning up the lead guitar!
Blues - Blues Rock
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Jerry Willard & Candace Willard
September 06, 2009
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3:50 minutes
Story behind the song
Here is the story...we have been saving our money for 5 years so we could pay Swampman $50,000 to play with us on this track. And then he placed conditions on top of all that. He made us swear to have fun & play loud...no even louder than that. He also made us say things like Hell Yeah! What can we say ,we wanted to work with him so much so we caved in to his demands....LOL! Bruce, AKA "Swampman and The Machine" is a great guy we have come to respect, and admire over the years, he is humble and a truly gifted musician. It was our extreme pleasure to collab on this ficticious project. He shoots straight from the hip & his strings don't slip. His tones are true , and his music is too. Better go check him out...what are you waiting for? Peace through music ~J&C~ & Swampman
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