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Lost Children of Electroland
Uses only children's instruments plus vocals & effects. Included are kids Xylophones, old school Tambourines, electronic Percussion (from tiny cheap PortaSound), plastic toy Clarina, wooden Descant Recorder, Stylophone.
Electronic - Indietronic
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T. Faulkner / Garden of Surreal Dreams
T. Faulkner / Garden of Surreal Dreams_Nov 2009
November 27, 2009
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Lost children of electroland, your mind has changed, what will you do now, take a wise man by the hand, hope he'll see you through uncertain times somehow. Lost children of electroland, you will witness the future unfold, it will be stranger than you think it can be, more complex than you've ever been told. Lost children of electroland, you've come once again to the end of play, destiny waits like an unused gland, leaving clues to guide you on your way.
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