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Long Night - FULL SONG ***New***
The HOT new single critics are hailing "one of the sexiest grooves of the season" from LaDeana Michelle's new "Bringing Love Back" release.
Single - $1.00
Urban - R&B/Soul/Pop
Previous peak charts position #153
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #80
LaDeana Michelle
(C) Kala Kya Music Publishing, BMI
December 10, 2009
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Story behind the song
Have u seen the video yet? This song is for lovers. Period! Long Night is a part of LaDeana Michelle's HOT new release "Bringing Love Back". It is simply a sweet ode to love...which is obviously missing in today's society. Fans everywhere are checking for this sensual song. Positive reviews worldwide are flying in! Join the moving train!! Add "Long Night" to your radio stations...visit the online store at www.ladeanamichelle.com to pick up the RINGTONE....tell your friends...LaDeana Michelle is Bringing Love Back!!! Visit http://www.ladeanamichelle.com for navigation to the new release site for "Bringing Love Back". In the meantime...lay back, chill and let this massage your love senses. Come on....you KNOW u need it!
LONG NIGHT Written by LaDeana Michelle (C) Kala Kya Music Publishing, BMI (I'll be home on the next flight) (Please pick me up on time) It's gonna be a long night Ooh, ha Are you ready? Oh, baby, yeah 1ST VERSE: It's been a while (hi) How you doin'? Somebody's here, but they don't compare to you It's that feeling I get Only you can give When you touch me It's all about that Don't be fooled My body's here, but my mind is still with you Straight talkin' to my body I'm headed for you On a non-stop flight HOOK: It's gonna be a long night We'll do all the things that I know you like I'll be comin' home on the next flight Ooh, make sure you Come and pick me up on time It's gonna be a long night Cant nobody leave til the mornin' light Ain't no doubt you can satisfy Please make sure you Come and get me on time 2ND VERSE: You stimulate me mentally It turns me on, no matter where I am I feel you on the phone I'm chilled to the bone, I I want you so bad Now, I can sit here pretending Or pack it up and finally face the fact That I don't have a choice, baby I need that feeling back HOOK (2X) BREAK: Come and pick me up, yeah I'm on my way I can't take it (no more) I can't it no more Only you give me that feeling (that feeling) I wanna be loved, yeah (I wanna ride) Wanna ride (Tonight, like old times) I wanna take our time and don't hold back Cause it's gonna be a long night HOOK:
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