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24 Lines About 12 Women
A story about a BangGal Tiger
Podcasts - Comedy
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Craig Hoenig/Johnny Wilde
December 30, 2009
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Story behind the song
88 lines about 44 women.....Tiger's on his way ....
Rachel is the texting queen doing every thing obscene Jamie's up to twenty times not counting number 69 Kalika doesn't say a word "marry me" was too absurd Mindy is the girl next door good for bangin' on the floor Jamie's roots are Trashy town special skill is going down Corie trying to keep her kid no freaking way with what she did Holly is a porn star treat very, very hard to beat Florida girl was extraordinary Got to Tiger before he married Florida chick gets him with a pic doing things that are pretty sick Cougar's sex lessons done not for love, just for fun English girls that catch his eye They can unzip a bloody fly Joslyn porn star number two How many more can Tiger do?
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