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Middle Ground
Melancholic horn melodies weave in and out of expressive vocals, set to the backdrop of dark, swampy Robert Johnson-esque guitar; featuring Michael Cleveland (alto sax (solo)), Robert Peed (trumpet), Ruben Puebla (trombone), Antonio Dangond (keys)
Blues - Blues Rock
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Music by Elliot Koenig; Lyrics by Al Rahn
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September 10, 2010
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middle ground you leave me on this middle ground taking your sweet little time about it keep me guessing if you?ll ever really understand I?m in your hand on middle ground all around I can feel the judgments come crashing down for things that you might not have done if I had tried to stop it I?ve fallen from the cloud on which I used to stand and here I land on middle ground do I push you too hard or not hard enough? do I give you too little? do I ask for too much? some days are great, some days you?re so tough and you don?t respond to my touch. I?m sleeping with a ghost My God, where did you go? without a sound I wait it out until I?m found while you wonder if it?s worth your precious time if you doubt it I know you used to love me but I need to know today and it?s okay either way but I just can?t stay on middle ground