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Maximum Strength Placebo
Dark, meandering discovery guided by hypnotic guitar melody delicately builds to psychotic breakdown and salvation release; Radiohead meets Pink Floyd; featuring Kristin Tucker (cello), Emma Werderman (vocals)
Rock - Progressive Rock
Previous peak charts position #674
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #33
Music & Lyrics by Elliot Koenig
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December 31, 2009
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you prescribed the wrong medication for this specific situation your cure is such heavy sedation now we fight our phantom afflictions through prescriptions with side effects beyond your initial predictions Why do we listen? CHORUS: sell us a dream tell us what to wish for now that god is a four letter word and hope is the code name for war tell us what to wish for all around the mulberry bush the surgeons came to play all around the mulberry bush the surgeons cut away you inhaled the wrong medicine to forget this type of sin your poor form of self correction not to mention that your plastic injections fit to sooth your self-righteous infections with a blatant disregard for prosthetic rejection CHORUS (x2) Don?t you see? They tell you what to wish for.