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Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods was this famous golfer who was real popular and made a lot of money, and then he got married to this really pretty girl and made even more money. Then one day.....aw never mind, you probably heard it already....
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Johnny Wilde/ Craig Hoenig
January 02, 2010
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Story behind the song
Craig got on a parody writing roll the other night (he was probably drunk) and he emailed me this.
I once had a girl, or should I say, there were plenty they showed me their skills, isn't it good to be Tiger Woods They asked me to play and they told me to pick anywhere, So I looked around and I had me another affair. I cruised the whole world, so many girls so little time I’d have one maybe two, forget I was wed, take them to bed They asked “round the world” or maybe you want half and half The feather she used was creepy, but it made me laugh And when I awoke, I was alone, Elin had flown I've come under fire, now it’s not good to be Tiger Woods
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