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Monkey (Spanky Theme Song)
Just a song with "monkey" & "spank" in the same sentence. Nuttin' wrong with that, right?
HipHop - Hip Hop General
Previous peak charts position #1,830
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #1,016
January 12, 2010
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3:22 minutes
(1st verse): Spanky, Music, You know how we do?s this We be blowin? fuses so don?t you dare confuse us I?ve been in the game longer than my man Confucius I was even rappin? inside my mamma?s uterus I?m a do this, my way, I?m a drop a bomb I?m a make ya jaw drop, like I did ya moms She wanna magic show, I gotta magic wand Drop her panties to the floor? and it?s on! Naw, man, seriously, really, I didn?t Calm down, dude, I was only kidding I would never hit that, besides, afterall ?That sh** smelled nasty, dog Ha ha he he tricked ya again, fool Did you forget who I am, remember who ya talkin? to I don?t give a what-what and I don?t give a who Screw you too, I dedicate this to you (chorus): Hello, hello welcome to the party Hey, I?m Spanky Sorry if I offend anybody And, quite frankly I really don?t care if you wanna Make, fun of me Don?t you know that you can Spank, my monkey (2nd verse): I?m Casper the master but you can call me Spanky You not down wit Spanky? Then you can suck my wanky (But) First I put a blanky on the shanky of my wanky You might give me gangrene I know that you?re angry Guys wanna hang me, but girls want hanky-panky They all wanna thank me by showin? me their panties Spanky want thanky too, so I fork out my Frankie Please girls ?no touch? please no yanky my Frankie Frankie don?t like to play with you girls that are skanky Frankie like to play with his toy he call slanky It?s slanky, It?s slanky, It?s Frankie?s favorite toy It vibrates & gives Frankie Joy Speaking of joy, listen up, remember me Wanna have some fun while you?re sittin? in your seat? Smoke a lil? ganja & listen to me (chorus) (3rd verse): You listen to a song about three or four minutes Now you think you know me by the lyrics in it You don?t know me, know my past or my present You really wanna know? Ok I?ll start from the beginning My dad liked to drink a lot, my mother liked other men Especially ones that beat her up, time & time again So I moved away from parents when I was nine or ten Blah blah blah, yeah, yeah, now here I am With a mic & a pen, and computer software Don?t mind me, I?m just recording in my underwear But you might wanna take a step back I take a grip on the mic like I grab my nut sack From the front of the room to the back All my peoples iz you wit me? Where you at? So next time you listen to me just remember that? I?m Spanky, and I don?t take jack! (chorus x?s 2)