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The Hole
Rock - Rock n Roll
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Paul Evans Pedersen, Jr
Mount Misery Music, BMI
February 23, 2010
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Story behind the song
A bad place to be is The Hole.
The Hole C. Paul Evans Pedersen, Jr./Mount misery Music, BMI Ain't no one thats been there, That'll tell you through a grin, Just how deep inside they fell, After fallin' down within. And if you're watchin' carefull, There ain't no need for words. For the blackness staring in their eyes Says more than what is heard. Hole....... Hole....... Cold blue is the hunter, And it stalks it's prize and prey. And when it sinks its claws into your throat, You fight to get away. As you're searching for a hiding place, To camoflage your soul, You're sure the blanket needed, Is at the bottom of the hole. Hole..... Hole..... The darkness at the bottom, Is blacker than the night. Its where your demons scratch and claw, And your good and evil fight. You feel your fingers break and bleed, From trying to escape, As part of you just wants to slide, The whole way down again. Hole..... Hole..... You see, I've been there one time, friend, The scars keep my heart cold. And hells' for men that cannot cry, Inspite of what you're told. Today I walk a cautious line, Softly 'round it's rim. 'Cause the hole is but a slip away, And needin' filled again. Hole..... Hole..... Hole..... Hole.....
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