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Ballad of Jesse Lee
Murder ballad. Just me and my resonator.
Blues - Acoustic Blues
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Charlie Williams aka Pine
February 27, 2010
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Story behind the song
just another tune on the dangers of addictions ;-)
This ain't a pretty story, ain't no happy song 'bout a boy named Jesse Lee, who didn't live too long Just when things was goin' right, ya know they all went wrong Jesse was gambler, he liked to throw the dice Borrowed lots of money, from guys that weren't so nice When Jesse couldn't pay up, ya know he paid the price instrumental break Louie was a friend of his, who called him on the phone Said "i can help ya Jesse Lee, if all ya need's a loan Meet me by the riverside...be sure to come alone" Sheriff dragged the river bed, pulled Jesse from his grave His momma she was cryin', for the boy she couldn't save Gamblin' was the master...and Jesse was the slave
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