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Spring Dance
A fast waltz in honor of the 2010 warm early spring in the northeastern US
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Pop - Adult Contemporary
Previous peak charts position #21
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April 11, 2010
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Story behind the song
Horrible late-winter rain storms caused lots of flooding, but were followed by sunny days in the 80s. The contrast lifted the spirits.
1. An early spring day after a terrible storm Feels more like May - uncharacteristically warm The sun rises high surrounded by true blue The glorious sky celebrates that I'm with you 2. The birds have appeared, each building a nest Their spirits seem cheered, they feel no need for rest For there’s too much to do to prepare for their mate When I’m looking at you I can completely relate Chorus: Discard the winter shades of blue for the color of the sky Enjoy the delightful view as the birds of spring fly by Shed your bulky winter clothes, let the sunshine warm your skin Gyrate your hips, extend your toes, let the dance of spring begin 3. Let me take your soft hand, give your lips a sweet kiss So our souls understand that we don’t want to miss This opportunity to enhance our romance So nestle close to me as we swirl to the dance [chorus] Ending: Come on! Take a chance - join in the spring dance Join the birds and the bees among the blossoms of the trees Come on, come on, let’s dance to our own private spring dance
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